Over the years,Gleamia Lighting Co.,Limited dedicated to the production, development, sales LED (light emitting diode) and LED lighting products manufacturing, research and development. With a forward-looking vision, invest huge funds; To enable the company to accelerate growth, comply with the vigorous development of the global optoelectronic industry, continuous restructuring and transformation over the years, is committed to enhance their own research and development capabilities; not only actively participate in international exhibitions at home and abroad will experience more be absorbed application; technology developed over the years from time to time on their own lessons; the current product quality and yield have been numerous customer approval; the applications are also in short supply, such as LED soft light, yield and quality LED light bar is to reach home advanced water. Strictly pursue the "system management, continuous improvement, fast delivery, customer satisfaction," the purpose and dedication to new and old customer service.

Automatic mechanical operators by the current production lines are all imported from Japan, the United States, good quality, high efficiency; the same time, the company has gathered a group of outstanding research and development, market management personnel, and established a relatively sound internal management system and organization operating system, developed its own unique corporate culture and value system, obtained ISO9001: 2000 international quality system seriously, Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification; LED lighting products through the European CE, ROHS and other international certification awards. For the company in the rise of LED semiconductor lighting industry and build the company's well-known brand title industry has laid a solid foundation.


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