Cooperation Process:
1. Cooperation Consultation: Interested parties by phone, fax, online messages, etc. Advisory cooperation matters, obtain the information, samples.
2, field trips: Field project visits, business exchanges.
3, investment applications: Fill in the letter of intent.
4, the qualification: the various parties to review the information provided, to confirm eligibility.
5, signed a contract: both parties confirm the formal signing of the contract.
6, cooperation began: a formal contract by both parties began to fulfill their rights and obligations.
7, after-sales service: After the bilateral cooperation, we will continue to provide you with a new breed of information, product updates, and occasional exchanges.
 Gleamia Lighting Co.,Limited agent contract sample:
person A person B:____________________________
Both parties follow the principle of equality and mutual benefit and common development, to distribute Party B "_________" matters, agreed as follows:
First, the product specifications, price, quantity, amount
Second, in view of the Party has the experience and qualifications and the ability to run sales, and accept Party B commissioned a "__________" total distribution in the city of ________ (region).
Third, the contract period: Year _ _ __ month to month _ _ _ In May, the Party has the priority right to renew after termination of this contract.
Fourth, the rights and obligations of both parties
1, Party A is entitled to enjoy priority under the contract "________" regional product distribution franchise rights.
2, shall be obliged within the distribution area using their own advantages and actively develop new networks, carry out product distribution activities.
3, shall be obliged to truthfully and objectively make product promotion, promotion.
4, B in accordance with the principle of payment and delivery, and the obligation to supply on time, and provide the necessary legal documents for the B-to-market.
5, transport costs borne by the Party, Party agents.
6, Party A Party B product management supervision, advisory powers.
7, Party A Party B is found regional sales, exclusive rights to cancel Party.
8, the Party must check whether receipt of a complete seal, if the seal is not complete, please reject or ask the freight receipt at the details of a single show, and return Party validation checks (Note: signed and sealed effectively).
9, if the product packaging is damaged, B unconditionally accept returned.
V. Other matters
1, two copies of the agreement, the two sides split on hold, with the same legal effect (in this facsimile is regarded as the original contract shall be valid).
2, matters not covered in this agreement, both parties shall be subject to mutual agreement made supplementary amendments.
VI Notes
1, B retail price discount as wholesale price ________ Party first purchase amount not less than ________ million monthly purchase amount not less than ________ million;
2, Party A Party B to ensure the exclusive agent market, as found in the market of non-Party Party market product sales, by the party responsible for this product recovered;
3, B distribution in accordance with the relevant market to promote its goods purchase amount of ________% Party;
4, paragraph contract from the date of entry into force.

Party A (seal): _____________ Party (stamp): _____________
Phone: _____________________ Phone: _____________________
Fax: _____________________ Fax: _____________________
Address: _____________________ Address: _____________________
Zip: _____________________ Post Code: _____________________
In _______ ______ ________ dated ________ day of _______ ______ day month
Gleamia Lighting Co.,Limited Product Quality Assurance Agreement Sample:

To strictly enforce the "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law" and the relevant state regulations, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product, the quality of both clear responsibility, by consensus, the signing of quality assurance protocols.
A Party Liability:
1. Party to comply with national laws and regulations, provide legal and valid business credentials to B (license copy stamped with the seal of the former Party). Business people Party issued a power of attorney signed by the legal representative, power of attorney and in strict accordance with the scope defined activities.
2. Party offerings: It is consistent with the relevant standards and related requirements of the national quality of qualified products, the whole product package should be attached product certification.
3. Party bear responsibility for the quality of the product in accordance with "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law," the relevant requirements: quality problems occur within the validity period by the Party in charge, is the second paragraph V of this Agreement except for the case.
4. Party B after receiving the request query letter quality (electric), to reply within 20 days (in the letter to date), the time limit, the consequences resulting from the responsible party.
II. Responsibilities of Party B:
1. Party products business as business law, providing legal and valid business credentials to Party B Party handling personnel to provide the legal representative signed and sealed by the power of attorney.
2. Party B receives shipped goods, if found problems damaged, contaminated packaging, appearance and quality inspection reports, the acceptance shall receive the product within seven days notice to Party Processing (to goods to date) after.
3. Party B generated in the business to provide products in doubt, you should promptly contact with the Party, who both have differences in legal department issued a product quality inspection report shall prevail. Party receiving the inspection report within 10 days of notification of the Party, and to report in writing to the Party process. Late consequences caused borne by the Party.
4. Party B occurs in the business of providing quality products, should provide detailed information to determine the quality of, and actively cooperate with the investigation and evidence collection work and the Party do rehabilitation work.
5. The Party is committed to providing state of the product storage condition for the owner to supply products, storage losses caused by improper by the party responsible for.
6. Party commitment to non-quality problems return, expenses and losses recognized unreasonable return without Party caused by Party B is responsible.
III. A and B sides work together to do a good job market research, development and quality management. Both parties should fulfill their respective responsibilities, the occurrence of one breach, the other party can be held civil liability of the defaulting party through legal channels.
The above provisions matters not covered by the negotiated agreement.
The agreement signed by both parties, or after the date of the stamp shall be effective for the period ending on the day of 200. This Agreement in duplicate, each party holds one signed.

Party A (seal): _____________ Party (stamp): _____________
Phone: _____________________ Phone: _____________________
Fax: _____________________ Fax: _____________________
Address: _____________________ Address: _____________________
Zip: _____________________ Post Code: _____________________
In _______ ______ ________ dated ________ day of _______ ______ day month


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