Honesty: Li sincere and trustworthy, really statement.
Innovation: innovation, technology-based.
Quality: Service-oriented, first-class quality.
Harmony: unity, cooperation, and create harmony.
Corporate values: innovation and development, people-oriented.
Entrepreneurial spirit: unity and hard work, the most for excellence
Business purpose: to create a brand, contribute to the community.
Enterprise style: braggadocio persistent, fearless courage and strong convictions.
Sense of team: one mind, united struggle; sincere cooperation, join hands.
Entrepreneurial philosophy: hard work, forge ahead, unswervingly pursue first-class brand, first-class quality.
Business philosophy: brand market share in order to win market integrity, innovation and market development.
Market philosophy: Today's quality is tomorrow's market, customer satisfaction is the eternal market.
The concept of competition: quitting brave victory, brave wise men meet victory.
Management: Product Management - standardization, quality management - standardization.
Quality concept: qualified products is our responsibility, quality of excellence is our contribution.
Marketing idea: There will be no sale of mass market, there is no good faith there is no market.
Cooperation philosophy: mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, balanced and common development, a total of development plans.
Sense of responsibility: responsibility is extremely heavy, the responsibility lay integrity; responsibility is a prerequisite for business cooperation, responsibility is the cornerstone of a win-win partnership.
A sense of crisis: we are more successful, the more prone to failure; we always only one step away from failure.
Adhere to one center (user), relying on two-class (products and services), to play three forces (+ skills + perseverance in good faith)


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